Special Events

The California Dance Cooperative is proud to host several special dances and events annually.

Fiddling Frog

A weekend of contra dancing in Pasadena, held at the fabulous Pasadena Masonic Temple.

Last weekend in February

• Central to Pasadena: accommodations not included
• May include some gender-free calling

Sunday evening dance open to public
• Clothing swap

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Camp Sturtevant

A weekend of contra dancing at a historic camp nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, accessible only via a shaded and lush 4-mile hike.

Late May / Memorial Day Weekend

• Accommodations included
• Non-gendered housing available
• Gender-free calling
• Tree swing, zip-trolley line, hiking trails, games, nightly singing and stories by the fireplace

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Labor Day Dance Away

A weekend of contra dancing held at the beautiful Camp Cedar Glen, near San Diego.

Late August / Early September / Labor Day Weekend

• Accommodations included
• Non-gendered housing available
• Calling primarily uses “gents/ladies”
• Fri/Sat/Sun evening dances open to public
• Wide variety of workshops and activities

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Playford-to-the-Present Ball

An evening of festive English country dancing held at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Cathedral.

First Saturday of October

• Ball Review the preceding night in Pasadena
• Ball Style Practices leading up to the event in Culver City
• Pre-registration required
• Festive, formal attire, from 1651 to present day
• No teaching; one walkthrough for each dance and light prompting

Photo booth

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