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Join us for the first dance of California Twirl, the first gender-free Contra dance in Los Angeles! Fabulous calling by Frannie Marr, with music by Kira Ott on fiddle and Jeff Spero on keys and sound by Scott Arfin. Sliding scale at the door, no one is turned away. Suggested $12. Beginner Lesson 7:30 Dancing 8-10:30

Join us at California Twirl, the first monthly gender-free Contra dance in Los Angeles! Fabulous calling by Jeremy Korr, with music by Rhythm Method (Steve Shapiro, Emil Olguin, and Olivia Breidenthal) and sound by Scott Arfin. Beginner Lesson 7:30 Dancing 8 – 10:30 Sliding scale admission — no one turned away. Suggested ~$12 RSVP on Facebook *** I’ve never danced Contra before! That’s totally fine! Contra is an easy to learn partner dance and very forgiving—make sure you come to the lesson at 7:30 and you’ll be good to go. If you can walk, you can Contra. *** What does “gender-free” mean? It means you can dance with all of your friends! We provide a lesson and calling that are gender neutral, making it easy to try either role. Everyone is encouraged to dance with anyone they choose, in any role, regardless of their gender. *** Why start this dance when there are already Contra dances in LA? We’re taking a traditional dance and making it modern and accessible to everyone. *** I love this. How can I help? Come to our dances, and invite your friends! Email contact@californiatwirl.com to volunteer!