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Our annual Fiddling Frog Dance Festival will be held once again in Pasadena, CA in February/March 2020! Registration opens on October 7, 2019. Check out the Fiddling Frog page for detailed information. Wake Up Robin         Uncle Farmer         Frannie Marr               Lindsey Dono             Noah Grunzweig

It is with much sadness and disappointment that the Fiddling Frog Weekend has been canceled for Feb 2022. It took a lot of deliberation amongst the committee members, considering safety, travel, vaccines, masks, and testing obstacles, as well as the general unknowns about how the disease might change or increase over the coming months.  We know you were looking forward to a fun weekend of dance, but the Frog weekend will have to wait until 2023. We were exploring the possibility of holding a one day special dance with local talent but that will not be happening. Save the 2023 date for the annual Fiddling Frog Dance Festival!  A full weekend of great contra dancing to fabulous bands and skillful callers in beautiful Pasadena, CA, February 24-26, 2023! Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to eventually dancing together again. — See you on the dance floor! Frannie Marr & Jacqui Grennan Fiddling Frog 2022 organizers www.caldancecoop.org