Dance Bands

Here is a list of bands who have played at California Dance Co-op dances.

Stephen Crane – keyboard
Hector Ortiz – cello
Eric Schoenberger – fiddle

Atlantic Crossing
(Orange County) Web Site
Georgiana Hennessy – fiddle
Patty McCollom – banjo
Matt Tonge – guitar
or call Patty at (714) 267-4567

Bees Knees
Joe Wack – fiddle 
Laura Osborn – guitar, flute, banjo uke
Steve Lewis – banjo

Body Snatchers
(Los Angeles)
Frank Hoppe – fiddle
Joe Wack – banjo

(Los Angeles / Portland)
Known for its high energy and innovative approach to traditional music.
Bonnie Insull – flute, whistles, feet
Richard Scher – keyboard, percussion
Frank Hoppe – fiddle

Chopped Liver
(Santa Barbara/Los Angeles) Web Site
Suzanne Duffy – flute
Bill Flores – banjo, mandolin, dobro, tenor sax
Michael Mendelson – fiddle, guitar
Jeffrey Spero – piano

The ContraDictions
(Los Angeles)
Ann Kosinski – fiddle 
Jim Kosinski – bass, guitar, mandolin
Patty McCollum – banjo
Barbara Whitney – fiddle
Contact: Jim Kosinski
(818) 500-7059

(Los Angeles)
Marie Bruno – guitar
Michelle Nosco – fiddle
Emil Olguin – bass, mandolin
Ned Boyer – recorder, harmonica
Contact: Emil Olguin
509 So. Huntington Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 280-7857

(Los Angeles)
Frank Hoppe – fiddle;
Kurt MacInnis – mandolin, guitar;
Jeffrey Spero – piano, bass
Contact: Jeff Spero

(CA / OK)
Miranda Arana – flute
Bonnie Insull – flute, whistles, banjo uke
Jeff Spero – piano, bass
Christa Burch – bodhran, vocals

Free Raisins
Web Site

Ann Kosinski – fiddle; Jim Kosinski – bass, guitar, mandolin; Patty McCollum – banjo,whistle; Barbara Whitney – fiddle
Contact: Jim Kozinski
Or call Jim at 805-650-9134

High Strung String Band
High Strung String Band offers more than old-time (Irish, French-Canadian, swing, and vocals and can include various ethnic drums and/or mandolin if there’s enough pay to support 4 or 5 musicians)
Belinda Thom – fiddle; James Flaherty – clawhammer banjo; David Hostetler – guitar
Contact: Belinda Thom 

Ice House Canyon String Band
A tight duo providing an eclectic and experimental variety of modern and traditional contra music
Belinda – fiddle; Emil – guitar / bass
Contact: Belinda Thom

Plays wide variety of folk dance music, including English Country,
Contra, Balkan and Scandinavian
Contact Kriss Larson at

Christa Burch – bodhran
Kira Ott – fiddle
Steve Shapiro – banjo, mandolin
Jeff Spero – piano
Contact: stevecontradance@gmail.comSteve Shapiro 
Or Call Steve at 818-785-3839

Key Ingredients
(Santa Barbara/Los Angeles)
Kurt MacInnis – mandolin
Michael Mendelson – fiddle
Contact: Michael Mendelson
1135 Cota St.
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(805) 686-4141

Kira and Jimmy
Kira Ott – fiddle, vocals
Jimmy Murphy – mandolin, guitar
Kira is an electrifying young fiddler from So. Cal. who trained as a classical violist. As a teenager she took up the fiddle after hearing traditional Irish music on NPR’s weekly Celtic music program “The Thistle and Shamrock.” Kira learned much of her music from the community of musicians at the Scoil Gheimhridh Frankie Kennedy in Donegal.
Jimmy Murphy is one of the most sought-after Irish-style guitarists and mandolinists in So. Cal. He grew up in Anaheim Hills in a house full of music and came to traditional music after picking up an old fiddle. In 2001, he traveled to Japan, where he worked as a musician for the Walt Disney company and Universal Studios.

Kuffel Creek

Laura Light & Friends
Laura is an exceptional swing fiddler and singer who has pleased L.A.-area dancers on many occasions. Her unique improvising inspires dancers, and the dancers’ energies move Laura to even greater creativity.

Les Amis
Ned Boyer – harmonica, recorder
Mark Burrill – Accordion
Jim Scheel – guitar
Daniel Slosberg – fiddle
Contact: Mark Burrill
or call Ned Boyer at (626) 799-6615

Mariposa String Band
Briana,fiddle; Emil,guitar
Contact: Emil Olguin
or call Emil at (626) 280-7857

Nick Bachman and the Brown Baggers

Dave Lynch – fiddle 
Ken Shaw – Bass 
James Flaherty – Banjo
Larry Kemp – Guitar
Featuring bouncy, joyous old time dance tunes
Contact Dave Lynch at

Rhythm Method String Band
Rhythm Method is known for both its swinging contra and square dance music as well as English Country Dance.
We are available for dances, parties, street fairs and festivals.
Contact: stevecontradance@gmail.comSteve Shapiro
or call Steve at 818-785-3839

The Screaming Earwigs
Contra-friendly Old-time Music!
Tom Sauber – Fiddle
Patrick Sauber – Guitar
Mike Sauber – Bass
Steve Lewis – Banjo
Contact: Steve Lewis

Southern Comfort
Frank Hoppe – fiddle 
Laura Osborn – guitar; flute;
Steve Lewis – banjo
Contact: Steve Lewis

Southern Exposure
Frank Hoppe – fiddle 
Joe Wack – guitar
Steve Lewis – banjo
Contact: Steve Lewis

Spin Cycle
(Los Angeles)
Frank Hoppe – fiddle
Kurt MacInnis – mandolin
Marty Morrisey – piano
Aubyn Biery – fiddle
Contact: Frank Hoppe
3645 Los Amigos St.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 248-7883

(Los Angeles / Seattle) Web Site
Christa Burch – bodhran, vocals
Ashley Broder – mandolin
Ryan McKasson – fiddle
Jeffrey Spero – piano
Contact: Syncopaths

Mary Ann Sereth – fiddle, bass fiddle
Keiko Cadby – fiddle
Denisa Hanna – guitar
Walter Sereth – guitar, clarinet
Jerry Wheeler – trombone, hammered dulcimer
Contact: Jerry Wheeler,
or call Jerry at (562) 310-2087

Frank Hoppe (fiddle); Steve Shapiro (mandolin, banjo); Jeff Spero (piano)
Contact: stevecontradance@gmail.comSteve Shapiro 
Or Call Steve at 818-785-3839

Whirled Peas
Bob Altman- keyboard and vocal 
David James- fiddle, mandolin, vocal
Patty McCollom- banjo, whistle, fiddle, bodhran vocal
Contact: Patty McCollum
or call Patty at (714) 267-4567