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Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-28, 2018

The Most Unique Camp in the Angeles National Forest. 

Historic Sturtevant Camp, was established in 1893. It is the only camp from the Great Hiking Era which is still in operation in southern California's San Gabriel Mountains. Surrounded by the largest virgin stand of Big Cone Spruce trees in the United States, Sturtevant's canyon setting provides a unique opportunity to experience the wilderness. 

Sturtevant Camp is located in the beautiful Big Santa Anita Canyon above the communities of Sierra Madre and Arcadia in southern California. This is roadless country and requires the visitor to travel by foot through a great variety of vegetation indigenous to southern California.   Check out the menu items on the left for all the details. 

We strive to create a camp community that is welcoming, inclusive, and safe for all dancers. We do not gender balance our roster, and have both gendered/non-gendered accommodations. We appreciate and are excited for feedback on ways to make our dance space safer and more welcoming for everyone.

We encourage campers to dance any role, with any partner they choose. We strive to create an environment where dancers feel safe and comfortable both in asking for a dance and in declining one. Ask partners kindly, and accept their answers graciously.​

This years Talent includes:

Deb Comly Calling

With the band Drive Train

(Ed Howe on Fiddle, Bennett Konesni on Guitar)


Susan Petrick

Deb Comly was bitten by the contra bug in 1994 and took off dancing across the country. Her passion for the dance keeps her dancing, calling, teaching, organizing, and playing music in Flagstaff and across the Southwest. From her beaming smile to her happy feet, Deb's energy is contagious!

Ed Howe         

Bennett Konesni


Ed Howe plays fiddle like a boss and Bennett Konesni plays guitar and tickles us with his occasional singing.These are two cool people. Ed was half of Perpetual e-Motion and is now inventing bands, collaborating and improvising like a boss. Bennett is a steward of traditional music and worksongs. If we are really lucky, he'll lead us in some social singing.

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